If You Eat Food – Read This
Genetically modified foods are an experiment – get educated and don’t be part of the experiment


plumsAction Alert: Ask the Plum Industry to Urge the USDA to Stop the Commercial Release of Genetically Engineered Plums

Industry groups have blocked genetically engineered wheat, rice, potatoes, sugar beet, flax, rice, and coffee. The plum industry now has the historic opportunity to protect us from genetically modified (GM) plums.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed the plums and wants to approve them. However, if the plum industry tells the USDA that it’s not acceptable, that may stop the GM plums.

If GM plums are introduced in the US, they won’t be labeled. Avoiding them may be difficult.

Please write a friendly letter to the plum industry, telling them how you feel. If you expect to change your plum eating habits if GM plums are introduced, let them know.

We will send your note in bulk with others.

Please go here to send your letter.



trout tomato girlI guess it depends on whom you ask.

Monsanto would say it’s better living through science. They can make crops so farmers can realize more profit through losing less of their crops to pests.

In fact, as luck would have it; I happened to get a seat on an airplane next to a gentleman who made his living as a farmer and he used genetically modified seeds for some of his crops and reported he could now grow on one 1/3 of his farmland what he grew using it all because he lost none of it to pests and disease.  He didn’t like the price of the GMO seeds and he didn’t like the fact he had to specifically purchase new seeds each year (it’s a violation of the contract with Monsanto and other GMO suppliers to use seeds to grow your own as the GMO produce is their “creation”).

It was rather cool to see it from someone else’s point of view; however I don’t agree with it at all.

My Humble Opinion Really Starts Here
If someone really chooses to be a farmer – I personally think they should realize it won’t be an easy life and I further think that they have the obligation to sell things that won’t hurt people and the jury is definitely out and paid to be out on whether or not GMO crops hurt humans.

The fact 17% of the rats in the Flavr Savr Tomato study all died within 2 weeks from failure to absorb nutrients (they starved to death although they were eating) when they were fed those tomatoes as their diet – was suppressed until AFTER those tomatoes were approved for human consumption. Sound grostesque? Chances are good that you probably ate them either sold to you on tomato sauce, puree or paste form or sold fresh to you under the brand name of MacGregor.
They were sold for years until deemed a failure and pulled from the market after enough people came forward with safety concerns.

And don’t worry your pretty head, the better living through science people have more planned for the humble tomato – introduction of a retro virus to keep us all from getting ill, ways to withstand cold through trout genes and more….

So you ask, “But why?”

I don’t really know but I have a thought about it. I personally think there’s this big experiment going with every man, woman and child eating genetically modified foods, who knows what will happen? For no hardcore explanation, autism is at record numbers, childhood cancers are skyrocketing, adults are being diagnosed with cancer more than ever before and it’s not that we have more people, it’s not that we’re able to diagnose cancer better – it’s the fact it is happening more and because cancer is such a big business, there is no race for the cure.  In the next 10 years the hospitals are going to fill up with people with all sorts of maladies and I guarantee you , most of it will come from foods.

People piss and moan on about how expensive organic foods are and difficult to find- I am here to tell you that I’d rather spend the time and money on my good health now than spend it in medical bills later.

Get educated and don’t be an upcoming statistic.


This is a good article speaking of the use of a gene extracted from the blood from two types of deep water fish that will be mixed with GMO’d with yeast and put into ice cream so it won’t freeze. Now here is the catch, only one of these fish had a trial run for basic effects on humans – no one knows what the other one will do.
Avoid this stuff – or better yet – get an ice cream maker, organic whole milk and make your own!
creepy breyer's ice cream


Unilever, the British-Dutch global consumer marketing products giant, is the largest producer of ice cream and frozen novelties in the U.S. Unilever’s brands sold in the U.S. include Breyer’s ice cream, Ben&Jerry’s ice cream, Klondike ice cream bars and Popsicle products.

Specifically, Breyer’s Light Double-Churned, Extra Creamy Creamy Chocolate ice cream, as well as a Good Humor ice cream novelty bar, contain the genetically-modified fish “antifreeze”proteins.

Unilever’s scientists have patented, and the company is using ice cream products sold in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, “antifreeze” protein substances from the blood of the ocean pout (a polar ocean species). That substance is produced through genetically modified (GM) yeast, in large vat batches. Unilever’s ice cream products that contain “ice structuring protein” (ISP) contain the material at the level of .01% of finished product volume.

Human “Safety” testing ?

Like many other GM materials in our foods, The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) looks like it has asleep at the switch. Long story short on the human “safety” protocols submitted by Unilever to FDA: human allergy resting was conducted on codfish blood proteins, not on blood proteins on blood proteins from the ocean pout.

Codfish and the ocean pout do not even belong to the same sub-class, in the “Order of Species.”

In Great Britain, Unilever is seeking approval from the government food safety agency for approval to use GM-Derrived fish “antifreeze” proteins in ice cream products. Food safety watch-dog in Great Britain are in an uproar over such proposals.

Unilever touts the benefits of the fish “anti-freeze” protein as “crystallization” when ice cream products warm (above proper temperatures) and then are refrozen. In truth: the fish “ant-freeze” proteins look like one more trick in the corporate bag of tricks to produce cheaper products . . . without regard to serious safety human safety consideration.

PARIS REIDHEAD is an organic food activist who lives in Hartwick, New York, For more detailed information on the “anti-freeze” see the December, 2006 “The Milkweed: Dairy’s best marketing info and insights” published by Pete Hardin in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, P.O. Box 10, Brooklyn, Wisconsin 53521-0010 www.themilkweed.com


I’m not ever sure where to begin.. there isn’t even a beginning this all exploded so much. I have a trip to make I do not look forward to on Monday then by the time I get back Thursday, maybe I’ll have this all in order for you… so you know the truth too.